Platinum Ultimate Stairlift

Above view looking down on Platinum Ultimate stair lift with stone grey upholstery colour on curved stairs installation.
The Ultimate, curved stair lift from Platinum Stairlfts. Image credit courtesy of Platinum Stairlifts.

New from Platinum Stairlifts, 'The Ultimate' stair lift focuses on build quality, safety, comfort, reliability. Maybe it feels like freedom in a chair. With a Platinum Ultimate stairlift to help enhance your life, your journeys up and downstairs become changed: simpler, safer, better.

Before release, each custom built, factory tested Platinum stair lift is backed up with a meaningful signed certificate of quality.

In addition, what else sets the Ultimate stairlift apart? Here's a clue: staircases come in a wide range of types, sizes, finishes. Designing the stairlift rail as it terminates at the foot of your stairs can sometimes present a technical challenge.

That's why the Ultimate stairlift has solved the problem. Using some clever design techniques has resulted in a simple, tidy solution that avoids the need for an intrusive rail or higher cost hinge at the foot of your stairs.

But that's not all.

Features, Benefits, Options, Choices For The Platinum Ultimate Stairlift For Curved Staircases

The Ultimate stairlift includes a great range of benefits and options including:

  • The option for each user to have a choice of styles, configuration, and finishes was crucial. Here's why.
  • The Platinum Ultimate can also use upward facing travel, so you can face up the stairs as you travel upstairs.    
  • We humans come in a range of shapes and sizes. So adjustable chair arms helps ensure the Ultimate stairlft chair is right for you.
  • Likewise, the Ultimate chair backrest too is adjustable.
  • Yes, the footrest also is adjustable.
  • If you prefer your chair arm stairlift control to be situated on the other side, no problem: the Ultimate stairlft has interchangeable arm controls.
  • Even your Ultimate chair seat has been designed with care. The key word is ergonomic. A stairlift seat that is designed especially for travel up and down stairs.
  • Use the Ultimate chair safety belt as you travel up and down your stairs.
  • The Ultimate chair can more closely match the style of your home. The chair comes in 5 standard upholstery colours, plus, custom colours can be available too. Ask for details. 
  • Use the armrest rocker switch or joystick control - you choose which you prefer - to move the stairlift in the direction you want to go: up or down.
  • When you go upstairs on your Ultimate stairlift and arrive at the top, you can use the side-mounted swivel lever to turn the chair fully to face your upstairs landing, or simply sit and wait for the powered swivel to turn itself into position.
  • When finished using your stairlift, you can fold up the chair arms and seat. The linked footrest then also folds up automatically to match. 
  • The Platinum Ultimate has a 120kg weight capacity. The heavy duty option has a 160kg weight limit.
  • There's even a digital status display to help keep you informed.
  • The Ultimate stairlift has a rail option for angles of up to an amazing 75 degrees. Stairs that may have been previously not suitable for stairlift use, may now be navigable with a Platinum Ultimate stair lift.
  • New, better design means steep, difficult staircases with tight cuves or rises may now be suitable for a Platinum Stairlifts Ultimate stairlift to be fitted.
  • More demanding rail bends can now be accommodated. The Ultimate stairlift can handle multiple bend radii between 210mm to 500mm.
  • Use of new, stronger materials design means that the Platinum Ultimate stairlift rail tube diameter is a mere 80mm.
  • Two rail start options: your Platinum Ultimate stairlift rail can start either on the bottom floor or on the first step.
  • Two rail finish options: your Platinum Ultimate rail can continue on to the landing (standard finish), or finish when your steps stop (flush finish).
  • And more. Contact us for more details.

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