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Pool Hoists from BluOne

Life guard moving user sitting on BluOne pool hoist to edge of swimming pool.
Mobility Swimming Pool Hoist from BlueOne.
BluOne logo swimming pool hoists

BluOne Pool Hoist from Digi Project Technology Creates Innovative Mobility Pool Hoist Solution

This revolutionary Pool hoist enables the user to maintain their dignity. No more transferring from wheelchairs at the poolside, you can be seated on the lift chair in the changing room, be pushed to the poolside and lowered effortlessly into the pool.

New to the United Kingdom, only available from Dolphin Mobility

The BluOne portable pool lift has been developed by skilled Italian engineers. Years of experience in providing solutions for wheelchair users to gain access to vehicles, has helped to develop this revolutionary portable pool lift.

The use of industrial quality hydraulics looks set to make this product a popular choice for consumers and buyers to become a market leader.

BluOne is internationally patented (PCT) industrial innovation and useful product.

BluOne is CE approved and is equipped with an owner's and maintenance manual in accordance with the Device Directive 89/392 and subsequent amendments.

Although designed for people with disabilities, this product can assist anyone who struggles to get in and out of a swimming pool using steps, particularly the elderly and people recovering from illness or injury.

BluOne can transfer people to and from pools, dressing rooms and other places in an easy, smooth and safe manner.

BluOne is easy to use. The person simply sits on the seat at the front and is pushed to the edge of the pool. Simply operate the brake and lock in position, press the down button and the swimmer is lowered into the pool.

BluOne Pool Hoist is Equipped with 5 Safety Levels:

  • Key starter and Emergency Stop Red mushroom button.
  • Handbrake. The up and down controls will not operate unless the handbrake is set.
  • As the arm lowers two stainless-steel rubber capped supports provide additional stability.
  • The lift is equipped with an emergency manual pump. Use it in case of Electrical power failure.
  • Rubber stoppers between front and rear wheels to prevent the lift being able to be pushed into the water.

Technical Specifications for BluOne Pool Hoist:

  • Lifting Capacity: 110 kg.
  • Max. arm travel: 1150 mm.
  • Time of down-lifting with weight: 23 seconds.
  • Time of up-lifting with weight: 17 seconds.
  • Total weight: 120 kg.
  • Frame: electro galvanized steel FE510.
  • 180° powder coating finish.
  • Power: 24v battery. Battery life: 40 cycles (approx.).
  • Voltage: 24v.
  • Electric box.
  • Cable winder for battery charger.
  • Seat Belt provided as standard.
  • Standard Colour is white; also available in Blue.

Only £5,695 * - Call 0800 783 5501. Delivery and demonstration: £150.00 + VAT.

More About BluOne Digi Project

Digi Project are a division of an Italian Engineering company that specialises in providing hydraulic lifting solutions for vehicles. This technological experience has enabled Digi Project to produce the revolutionary BluOne pool lift.

See the BluOne Pool Hoist in Action. Check Out the BluOne Video Below

* Price excludes VAT. New price from £6,834 inc. 20% VAT. Find out if you are eligible for VAT exemption.

Where to Go From Here

For more information, or to get free no-obligation advice on the BluOne pool hoists from Digi Project, or to ask any questions about our range of products and services, please call 0800 783 5501.

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