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MediTek D160 Deluxe Stairlift

Composite image showing MediTek D160 Deluxe stairlift in red fabric colour parked at bottom of stairs, plus two other photos of female users going up or down the stair lift.
MediTek D160 Deluxe Stairlift For Straight Stairs.
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The Deluxe is our supreme stairlift offering a variety of options and features to make it bespoke to your home. This custom-built model is stylish and adaptable without compromising MediTek’s renowned reliability, safety and comfort.

MediTek D160 Deluxe Stairlift

Weight Limit and Staircase Angles For MediTek D160 Deluxe Stairlift

With a maximum weight capacity of 160kg the lift has numerous customisable options allowing it to simply fit all straight staircases and making the MediTek lift just right for you and your home. Details include:

  • Maximum user weight limit: 160kg (25 stone).
  • Minimum staircase angle: 25° degrees.
  • Maximum staircase angle: 52° degrees.
MediTek D160 Deluxe Stairlift joystick control

MediTek D160 Deluxe Key Features

Your MediTek D160 Deluxe is indeed without doubt remarkable! Explore below and discover for yourself.

Joystick Control

The easy-to-use joystick offers finger light control. All you need to do is push it to the left or right to move the lift in the direction of travel you wish to go.

MediTek D160 Deluxe Stairlift, Call-and-Send units

Call and Send Units

In addition to the joystick, you can also move the lift using one of the two call and send units that we supply with MediTek stairlifts.

Manual / Powered Swivel

MediTek D160 Deluxe Stairlift manual or automatic swivel lever

Once the lift has reached the top of the stairs you can use one of two options to turn your chair to face or be level with the landing. This allows you to disembark the chair safely and with ease.

Manual Swivel Lever

Simply lift the lever up at the end of your journey to turn. This simple step locks at 40 and 80 degrees.

Powered Swivel (optional extra)

On arrival at the top of the stairs, release the joystick then re-apply in the upwards direction of travel and your chair will automatically turn.

MediTek D160 Deluxe Stairlift, diagnostic display

ICS Diagnostic Display

This innovative display provides instant operational information on the lift functions, the current status of the lift and when a service is due. It is a great technology for both you as a user and our stairlift engineers.


The Deluxe D160 range has three seatbelt options, the lap belt (standard), the retractable (optional extra) or the five-point harness (optional extra).

MediTek D160 Deluxe Stairlift, Child Junior Seats

Child / Junior Seats

Child and Junior seats are also available on request.

Continuous Charging Strip

The strip, running the length of the rail, ensures that the batteries are constantly being charged. So no matter where you park the chair on the stairs, your lift will always be available for use - even if the mains power fails for a while.

MediTek D160 Deluxe Stairlift, Footrest-to-Seat Folding Linkage

Footrest to Seat Folding Linkage (available as an optional extra)

This package enables your chair’s footrest to fold away neatly when you lift your seat base keeping the staircase open and hazard free.

Powered Hinge (available as an optional extra)

MediTek D160 Deluxe Stairlift, Powered Hinge

If you have stairs located next to a door or passageway, we can offer you a powered-hinge.

A powered hinge enables the rail to automatically fold up and stay out of the way at the end of your journey: eliminating a potential tripping hazard and ensuring even greater safety in your home.

We can offer two hinge weights: 120kg and 160kg. If you choose the hinge option, to charge your stairlift, you will need to park the lift on the main rail.

Telescopic Seat Post

Our seat posts can be adjusted to ensure the chair is set right for your personal requirements.

Seat Width Options (available as an optional extra)

With the D160 Delux, you can choose from three seat widths, 430mm (standard), 500mm and 550mm to make the stairlift the best fit for you.

Safety Features Of The MediTek D160 Delux

Safety for stairlift users is arguably the most important consideration of any stairlift design. That's why the MediTek D160 Deluxe doesn't disappoint. Five important safety add-ons are included, as detailed below.

Safety Feature 1: Pressure-Sensitive Surfaces

Located on the footrest and carriage, the pressure sensitive surfaces stop the lift when they sense any obstruction.

Safety Feature 2: Emergency Holding Button

For added safety an emergency holding button is supplied. When pressed the lift will stop instantly.

Safety Feature 3: Electromagnetic Brake

The electromagnetic braking system is linked to the motor and gearbox thereby ensuring that the stairlift will remain parked when stopped.

Safety Feature 4: Barrier Arm

Your MediTek D160 Deluxe stairlift will not operate unless the downside arm is down and in place.

Safety Feature 5: Key Switch

A key switch is fitted to every lift allowing you to turn the power of the lift on or off.

Your MediTek D160 Deluxe Stairlift Design Options

There are a range of luxurious upholstery and rail colour options for the D160 Deluxe to complement your home. Furthermore, we can supply other upholstery and rail colour options on request. Just ask.

MediTek D160 Deluxe Stairlift Standard Colour Options

Meditek D160 Deluxe Stairlift, available colour choices

The D160 Deluxe is available in the following colour options: Beige, Blue, Brown, Red, Black, and Green, as illustrated in the 6 images below:

Rail Options For Your MediTek D160 Deluxe Stairlift

  • Silver (standard).
  • Bronze (available as an optional extra).

MediTek D160 Deluxe Stairlift Technical Information

  • Drive Method: Steel rack and pinion drive system.
  • Motor: 24v DC motor, 200w.
  • Gearbox: Worm and wheel self-locking drive with oil lubrication.
  • Carriage Construction: Fabricated steel chassis plate construction.
  • Rail: Extruded aluminium section.
  • Safety Measures: Overspeed governor and spring applied brake.
  • Carriage Power Supply: 24v DC (supplied by 2x12v 7.2 A/Hr batteries).
  • Guide Rollers: 12 rollers with sealed lubricated ball bearings.
  • Maximum Speed: 0.09m/sec (16ft/min).
  • Battery Charging: Continuous battery charging via copper strip on rail.
  • Isolation Key Switch: Fitted as standard.
  • Compliance: EN 81:40.
  • MediTek Stairlifts Dimensions and Fittings: Measurements are in mm. 1 inch = 25.4 mm.

MediTek Stairlift Comparison Table. Features At A Glance: E120 Essential, D160 Deluxe, DSP100 Stand and Perch, and MediTek Outdoor Stairlift

  • Blue ticks = standard features.
  • Gold ticks = optional extra features.

Brochure for MediTek D160 Deluxe Stairlift

Where to Go From Here

For more information, or to get free no-obligation advice on the MediTek D160 Deluxe stairlift, or to ask any questions about our range of products and services, please call 0800 783 5501.

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