Flow Stairlift for Curved Stairs

Smiling female model facing camera sitting on Flow 2 stairlift for curved stairs.
Flow 2 Stairlift For Curved Stairs.

The Flow is manufactured by Access BDD, a division of thyssenkrupp Home Solutions / thyssenkrupp Access Limited. Founded in 1976, Access have grown into one of the largest stairlift manufacturers in the world.

Flow Stairlift Engineering and Design Excellence

Access BB have a reputation for the design of innovative stairlift solutions. The Flow is no exception to this, offering a contemporary look and designed to fit almost any staircase whilst offering reliable operation.


Flow Stairlift Rail Design

The rail design offers a slimline and flexible solution to all houses. The innovative drop nose options offers an ideal solution where there are obstructions at the bottom of the stairs and negates the need for expensive and cumbersome hinges.

How the Flow Stairlift Deals With Narrow Staircases

The unique powered swivel seat option allows the lift to fit on even the narrowest of staircases. This option allows the seat to automatically swivel during ascent or descent to avoid any clashes.

Check Out the Access BDD Flow2 Stairlift Video

Flow Stairlift Assisted Seat Swivel

The assisted seat swivel fitted as standard offers an effective alternative to the costly powered swivel option for clients who have difficulty manually swivelling the seat at the top of the stairs.

Additional Features of the Flow Stairlift

  • 10 Seat colour options.
  • 4 Operating toggle options.
  • 4 rail colour options.

For a Closer Look at the Flow Stairlift, Check Out the Image Gallery Below

Brochure for the Flow Stairlift for Curved StairsĀ 

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