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Adjustable Beds for Increased Mobility

A composite photo of made up of 4 photos of Relaxomatic electrically adjustable beds.
Relaxomatic adjustable electric beds. Image credit: courtesy of Relaxomatic via motiontech.co.uk.
Adjustable beds that help increase mobility

Dolphin have chosen the Relaxomatic electrically adjustable bed range because we believe that it is the best available on the market.

Manufactured by Motion Technology, you will see from the pictures on this website that the beds are put together in a classic traditional divan-style format, complete with standard headboard fitting screw attachments, enabling you to fit whatever type of headboard you may choose.

A primary objective in designing the beds has been to make them essentially indistinguishable in appearance from any other generally available piece of bedroom furniture - there is now absolutely no need for a truly special piece of performance furniture to look out of place in the modern home setting.

Single adjustable bed example

Relaxomatic Single and Double Beds, Mattresses and Price Lists

Single Beds / Single Bed Units

Our complete single bed packages consist of two essential parts - one upholstered bed base unit with built-in motorised adjustable wooden-slatted action (upon which the mattress sits) and one mattress.

The key point to remember is that all of the listed single sizes, feature one single moving action, so they are really only suitable for one user.

For bed arrangements with two single actions across the width of the bed please see the section on Double bed packages. Key features include:

Single adjustable bed in upright position
  • An extensive selection of width, length & height dimensions.
  • Choice of mattress types.
  • Adjustable firmness settings for extra comfort.
  • Quiet and smooth operating motorised action.
  • Emergency lowering battery.
  • All beds made in Great Britain.
  • All beds comply with British & European safety standards.
  • Following accessories also available: headboards, battery bed lifters, motorised bed lifters, cot sides.
  • Prices start from only £978 *.

*Price excludes VAT. New price from £1,173,60 inc. 20% VAT. Find out if you are eligible for VAT exemption.

Double Bed Units

Double adjustable bed shown in reclined position

Key features list include:

    • Choose from 'clip together' or 'dual' double beds.
    • 'Clip-together' features two single beds with bases firmly clipped together.
    • 'Dual' features two independent motorised actions built within one large upholstered bed base.
    • Units can be made up of any combination of two single bed widths.
    • Each bed comes with its own control hand set.
    • Prices start from only £1,850 *.

*Price excludes VAT. New price from £2,220 inc. 20% VAT. Find out if you are eligible for VAT exemption.


Adjustable bed mattresses

Key features list include:

  • Superb choice of mattress includes.
  • Balmoral Luxury Pocket Sprung.
  • Reflex foam.
  • Reflex foam with built in massage unit.
  • Perfolatex 99.9% pure natural latex.
  • Reflex / latex wrap combination.
  • Reflexion pressure relief mattress.

Price List and Dimensions

All Relaxomatic beds are fitted with top of the range five way, laminated beech wood, with fully motorised actions. The Balmoral pocket sprung mattress comes as standard. Custom made units on request. Double Beds over 4'6" consist of two single units clipped together or Dual - Two actions fitted into one base unit.

Data table showing varieties, options and prices (exluding VAT) of adjustable mobility beds available from Dolphin Lifts Kent.
Motorised BedsBase Size  Price
3'0" Relaxomatic Adjustable Bed (or smaller)95 x 205 cm  £978
Reflex Foam Mattress£1050
Reflex Foam Mattress with five point massage unit£1290
Perfolatex Natural Latex Mattress£1258
Latex Wrap Mattress£1258
Latex Wrap Massage Mattress£1498
Reflexion Memory Foam Pressure Relief Mattress£1170
Reflexion Pressure Relief Massage Mattress£1410
3'6" Relaxomatic Adjustable Bed105 x 205cm  £1390
Reflex Foam Mattress£1490
Reflex Foam Mattress with five point massage unit£1830
Perfolatex Natural Latex Mattress£1780
Latex Wrap Mattress£1780
Latex Wrap Massage Mattress£2120
Reflexion Memory Foam Pressure Relief Mattress£1650
Reflexion Pressure Relief Massage Mattress£1990
3'9" Relaxomatic Adjustable Bed115 x 205cm  £1590
Reflex Foam Mattress£1710
Reflex Foam Mattress with five point massage unit£2090
Perfolatex Natural Latex Mattress£2050
Latex Wrap Mattress£2050
Latex Wrap Massage Mattress£2430
Reflexion Memory Foam Pressure Relief Mattress£1900
Reflexion Pressure Relief Massage Mattress£2280
4'0" Relaxomatic Adjustable Bed125 x 205cm  £1790
Reflex Foam Mattress£1920
Reflex Foam Mattress with five point massage unit£2360
Perfolatex Natural Latex Mattress£2300
Latex Wrap Mattress£2300
Latex Wrap Massage Mattress£2740
Reflexion Memory Foam Pressure Relief Mattress£2130
Reflexion Pressure Relief Massage Mattress£2570
4'6" Relaxomatic Adjustable Bed135 x 205cm  £1890
Reflex Foam Mattress£2030
Reflex Foam Mattress with five point massage unit£2490
Perfolatex Natural Latex Mattress£2430
Latex Wrap Mattress£2430
Latex Wrap Massage Mattress£2890
Reflexion Memory Foam Pressure Relief Mattress£2250
Reflexion Pressure Relief Massage Mattress£2710
Motorised Bed Lifters 
For use with the 3'0" Relaxomatic Bed£998
For use with the 4' & 4'6" Relaxomatic Bed£1996
Cot Sides 
Single - Screw on type£110
Single - Under bed fixing£240
Double / Pair - Under bed fixing£360
Economy Headboard 3'0" ONLY£40
Luxury Headboards 
Sizes up to 3'0" - Balmoral / colours - please ask£80
3'6" - Balmoral / colours - please ask£100
3'9" - Balmoral / colours - please ask£120
4'0" - Balmoral / colours - please ask£140
4'6" - Balmoral / colours - please ask£160
3'0" Base, Action and Motor Unit without Mattress95 x 205 cm £730
3'0" Static Beds95 x 205 cm £730
Reflex Foam Mattress£760
Reflex Foam Mattress with five point massage unit£1000
3'0" Mattress Topper with five point massage unit£320
Emergency Power Supply Battery Back-up unit£250

Where to Go From Here

For more information, or to get free no-obligation advice on choosing the most appropriate adjustable bed, or to ask any questions about our range of products and services, please call 0800 783 5501.

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