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Just to say, thanks for your input to my parents stair lift, it was a life saver, and continues to make a big difference, especially the remote control aspect. Regards. Nico R.

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Wessex VE Fully Enclosed Homelift


Wessex domestic wheelchair lifts logo

Wessex, famous for creating remarkable home lifts, have added the remarkable Wessex VE fully enclosed, through-floor home lift for UK and European customers.

Without doubt, the Wessex VE home lift is indeed a striking mix of superb engineering, safety considerations, and careful thought, with users uppermost in mind. 

On the feature and benefits list shown below, through the application of advanced design techniques, you can discover how the fully enclosed VE Homelift applies safety, flexibility, and independence, as crucial components in a smart solution.

New Choices And Options For Moving Between The Floors Of Your Home

Dim lights

The Wessex fully enclosed VE Homelift, provides additional transport choices. You can move between floors with either:

  • A wheelchair user, plus a standing carer. Or ...
  • Multiple people standing. 

So no longer do you need to just transport a wheelchair user alone. Yet wheelchair user independence is still a key factor should users prefer to make their own way up or down between floors.

Greater Illumination With Careful, Ergonomic Design

In addition to other desirable features, your VE Homelift allows you to enjoy:

  • Illuminated, ergonomically designed lift controls to allow for clear, easy access.
  • Even greater independence when choosing the powered door option.
  • Doors that can be set to open left or right side depending on your preference - and changed later if required, or if you want to move your lift to another location.

Multiple Lift Installation Options

Your VE Homelift does not require a load bearing wall. We can install your lift free standing at a suitable location agreed between you and your lift engineer.

Demonstrating Conformance To Safety Standards

The entire range of Wessex VE Homelifts are designed to meet the stringent British Standards safety requirement of: BS5900:2012

Choose From 6 VE Homelift Through-Floor Lift Models

Wessex offer six excellent options. Choose the one that's right for you:

  • VE31 - Standard wheelchair lift, lifting up to 3m.
  • VE36 - Large wheelchair lift, lifting up to 3m.
  • VE38 - Extra large wheelchair lift, lifting up to 3m.
  • VE51 - Standard wheelchair lift, lifting up to 3.5m.
  • VE56 - Large wheelchair lift, lifting up to 3.5m.
  • VE58 - Extra large wheelchair lift, lifting up to 3.5m.

Wessex VE Homelift Features And Benefits

  • Smart lighting. Automatically triggered, timer controlled lighting illuminates your lift car, plus, includes easy to use, illuminated internal push button controls. As soon as you operate your lift car, the safety lights come on. After a set time, the energy considered lights switch off automatically.
  • Easy access, fixed internal ramp. So now, your built-in ramp can help you enter and exit your lift car more easily.
  • Space saving installation design. Especially ideal if you're short on space. Now, improved, smarter laying plus the use new materials means your lift requires less room to install, and so also leaves your more room to manoeauvre a wheelchair.
  • Left and right handed controls. Just tell us whether you want your controls to be on left side or the right side.
  • Load-bearing wall not needed. Your lift now comes with free-standing lift tracks, that can be installed in a wider range of locations. Ask for details: prepare to be surprised.
  • Smart power backup strategy. If your mains electricity power fails, the emergency self-contained power back-up system automatically takes control, operating the door, light, and two-tone audible alarm, and gently lowers the lift to the lower floor or ground level.
  • Smart obstruction safety detection. Accidentally dropped some clothes? No problem. If during ascent or descent of your lift, the smart sensors installed in your lift edges are constantling checking for any obstructions in the lift path, and if found, the lift platform halts.
  • Attractive look and feel. Your lift has a panoramic glazed door, comes in a beautiful pearl grey exterior colour and a silver (RAL 9006) interior, with aesthetically pleasing side glazing panels.
  • Meets strict British safety standards. Your lift is designed to: BS5900:2012.
  • Fire safety features. Half-hour fire integrity with lift parked at either floor.
  • In-car emergency control. For any reason, at any time, you can use the stop button, and the car lowering button in the lift car to control the car platform.
  • Electronic communications. Your lift includes an in-car telephone and wireless call stations. So stay in touch with less need for all those messy wires.
  • A helpful Safe Working Load (SWL) range. The Wessex VE range of lifts have a Safe Working Load of up to 250 Kg - that's about 551 pounds or just over 39 stones.
  • Flat-packed ready to be installed. Your lift parts are now easier to transport and install into your home by your Wessex trained engineers, saving on time, cost, and planning.

Image Gallery: Using The Wessex VE Through Floor Homelift

The quiet VE Homelift moves you between floors safely and smoothly, and helps you redclaim independence.

VE Homelift Series Dimensions, Sizes, Capacities


Multiple Optional Additional Features And Benefits


  • Additional colours.
  • Folding / tip up seat.
  • Grab handles.
  • Power door.
  • Mirror.
  • False wall panels.
  • Warranty packages.

Want To Know More?

For more information or to ask any questions about the wonderful Wessex VE Homelift, please call freephone 0800 783 5501 for free no obligation advice. Contact Matt or Neil and ask any question you like.


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