Stannah Starla Stairlift For Curved Stairs


The Stannah Starla / 260 stairlift provides a remarkable blend of reliability and innovation. Starla is available for both straight stairs and curved staircases. The intuitive and user-friendly design makes the Starla feel like it's built just for you.

Explore below the remarkable range of carefully considered features and benefits that arguably help make the Stannah Starla one of the most impressive stairlifts available today.

Using Your Stannah Starla / 260 Stair Lift Is Easy



The intuitive, easy-to-use controls can be placed on the left or right arm to suit you and make operating the chair second nature.

Sitting in a comfortable seat that supports your body, you simply move the controls left or right to go up or down the stairs. The image on the right shows the new Stannah stairlift rudder control.

When not in use, the chair folds up effortlessly; simply raise the arms, seat, and footrest, to leave your stairs and hallway clear and tidy.


The Starla Rail For Curved Stairs

The Starla chair is available for straight stairs or curved staircases.

Our curved stairlift is tailor-made to fit your individual staircase and ensure the best fit possible.

The twin rails are available in a pearl colour as standard, with an additional five colour options also available.

Our rails are fitted to the stairs, not to the wall, and installation is quick and clean, meaning minimum fuss and disruption in your home.

Upholstery Material



Choose an all-fabric or all-vinyl chair or add a dark or light wood trim.

Self-Charging Battery

The Starla always has the optimum amount of power, so you get a smooth rid with a gentle start and stop.

It even works if there is a power cut.

Easy-to-Use Controls

Our new, easier-to-use, slimline control makes operating your Starla effortless.

Arm Isolation

For your safety, your Starla will not operate using the arm control until the armrest nearest the bottom of the staircase is fully lowered.

Seat-Load Sensor

The extra safe sensor feature means that your stairlift won't move until you're sitting safely in the seat.

Wall Control

You can use the wall controls to call the stairlift for yourself or send it to someone else.


Safety Edges

If there is something blocking the chair on the stairs, the safety edges recognise this and the lift will stop automatically.

Swivel Seat

Using the levers enables you to swivel the seat easily, making it simple to get off the chair.

Alternatively, you can choose to have a powered swivel seat, which turns the chair to face the landing automatically.

Optional Two-Way Powered Swivel

If space is limited at the bottom of the stairs, the two-way powered swivel will enable you to get off the chair with ease.

Powered footrest button

This button helps with easy folding and is ideal if ou have difficulty lifting your feet when getting onto the stairlift.

Easy-to-use Seat Belt

Fastening the seat belt with one hand is simple and easy and gives you added security.


More About Safety And Quality Standards

Stannah is a registered tradmark. 

The CE mark indicates that this product complies with the applicable European directives which relate to health, safety, environment, and consumer protection.

Stannah Stairlifts Limited has been accredited to ISO9001:2008 since 2009.

Where to Go From Here

For more information or to answer any questions you may have, please call freephone 0800 783 5501 or use our website contact form, for free no obligation advice.

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